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Whooping cough cases doubled in July

July 30, 2010
SANTA CLARA, CA — Whooping cough cases in Santa Clara County more than doubled in July, prompting concerned local health officials to urge adults to get booster shots for the vaccination, according to the Mercury News.
In 2010, 97 instances of the disease have appeared, with 51 documented in July alone: In 2009, Santa Clara County recorded only 25 cases of the disease, the article noted.
Adults frequently do not know they have whooping cough because the symptoms are similar to those of a common cold and it isn''t unusual for adults not to produce the characteristic "whooping" sounds during breathing, the article stated.
According to Marty Fenstersheib, health officer for Santa Clara County, large outbreaks of whooping cough occur every four to five years.
Although there is no known cause for the trends, public officials speculate people lose awareness about vaccines during periods of fewer whooping cough cases, the article added.
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