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WHO to determine if H1N1 has peaked

February 11, 2010
GENEVA — The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet for an emergency committee meeting later this month to determine whether the H1N1 pandemic has peaked, according to Reuters.
According to the story, Keiji Fukuda, special adviser on pandemic influenza to the director-general of WHO, said the committee hopes the worst has already passed, but will meet to determine whether the H1N1 pandemic declared in June is in a post-peak phase.

A post-peak phase, also called a transition phase, would mean the pandemic will continue but that the overall trend is moving back towards seasonal patterns, the story stated.

Fukudu said: "The ending of a pandemic cannot be construed an abrupt on-or-off situation."
Even if the committee does determine the pandemic is in a post-peak phase, there may still be flare ups in some areas, the story added.
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