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White paper: Impact of deep cleaning solutions

November 17, 2011

CHICAGO — Cintas Corporation has released a complimentary white paper for hotels, according to a press release.

The paper provides hotel owners and operators with critical information on how to maximize the appearance, quality and longevity of assets such as tile and carpeting and air conditioning (A/C) units through deep cleaning solutions, the release stated.

According to the release, offering an in-depth overview of the process — complete with statistics and testimonials — the white paper reveals how deep cleaning solutions improve guest satisfaction, audit scores and the bottom line.

"Tile, carpeting and A/C units undergo a lot of wear and tear and are significantly expensive to replace," said Todd McKeown, vice president of hospitality for Cintas.

"The white paper explains how hotel operators can restore these assets to ''like new'' condition through deep cleaning, which delays costly replacement projects and has numerous benefits for the hotel and their guests," McKeown added.

Titled "The Cycle of Clean," the white paper discusses the importance of complementing daily cleaning and maintenance with regular, professional deep cleaning to achieve an unparalleled and constant state of cleanliness, the release noted.

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