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What shade of green are you?

November 23, 2009
CHICAGO — A recently released study conducted by Grail Research in June 2009, which asked 520 U.S. consumers a variety of questions regarding their green purchasing habits, found there are five types of green consumers with varying "intensity of green behavior," according to a press release.
For clarification purposes, they labeled each type of consumer with a different color: Red; yellow; very light green; light green; and dark green, the release stated.
Dark green consumers, according to the study, tend to be older, more educated and more affluent than light green consumers are, the release noted.
Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions Ltd., said: "The study revealed that those consumers deterred from selecting green products perceive them as more expensive, even if that is not the case. Dark green consumers also look to see if a product has been green certified. This helps them not only select Green products but rest assured the products have been proven green."
Dark green consumers tend to search for products with the following environmental attributes: Made from recycled or reusable materials and packaging; made with natural or organic ingredients; not toxic in nature; and energy efficient or uses renewable sources of energy, the release added.
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