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What's In It For Me?

January 18, 2012

Partnering with Nova Southeastern University (NSU), the Chemical Free Cleaning Network (CFCN) is hosting an innovative and absolutely free Chemical Free Cleaning Expo on February 21, 2012.

For more information, including event and hotel reservations and driving directions, visit www.CFCN.Info/e0.html.

Drawn By Intrigue

This Chemical Free Cleaning Expo is the first of its kind.

It will save you money and will serve to introduce innovative alternatives to cleaning with toxic chemicals.

The Expo will feature presentations by the leading proponents of toxin-free, chemical-free cleaning equipment, materials and solutions.

There will be panel debates on the effectiveness of chemical-free alternatives, answering questions such as, "Do electrolyzed, ozone-based, ionized, steam vapor and other water-based products really work?"

The efficacy of these products will be debated by their proponents and challengers in a fact-based, real-world practicality manner.

You''ll gain an understanding about what toxin-free, chemical-free cleaning is all about, as well as what works — and what does not.

Nothing Else Like It

This intriguing event is focused on just two goals: Protect our health, safety and the environment; and save money doing it.

The Expo will allow you hands-on experience with some of today''s most innovative cleaning technologies.

You will have an opportunity to explore real savings strategies while enhancing the appearance and safety of your facility.

You will benefit from seeing how organizations like yours save up to 30 percent a year by implementing these concepts — all without sacrificing results.

The Chemical Free Cleaning Expo

February 21, 2012
Nova Southeastern University
Don Taft Center Arena
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida 33314