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Weathering the Storm release

July 29, 2010
Inaugural “Weathering the Storm” Program Helps Restorers Master the Commercial Market
“Weathering the Storm”, a two and a half day intensive seminar specifically designed to give restorers the tools they need to successfully market to commercial targets, completed its inaugural session in Chicago, IL on July 15th. The seminar presented by Tim Miller and Dick Wagner provided attendees with the information and materials they need to dramatically reduce the learning curve encountered when marketing to commercial targets and hit the ground running on implementing their own commercial marketing program.
“Weathering the Storm” gave attendees value that other programs they had been to in the past did not provide. “A lot of these programs are full of frills, fluff and tired, worn out sales strategies,” said Richard Atchity, AVP of Business Development for Paul Davis Restoration of Jacksonville, FL. “The group that presented this particular program not only was excellent in their presentation techniques and delivery, but the content really has some meat to it. I would recommend this program to any sales force, be it small, large, one person or 100 salespeople.”
The “meat” of the “Weathering the Storm” program refers not only to the complete turn-key marketing program that attendees were provided with, but also detailed instruction on how to implement what they were given. Participants were instructed on how to use the wealth of materials provided to them, taught a high-efficiency sales system and then role played the key elements of the sales process so they would know what to expect when they began consulting with commercial targets themselves.
“We learned not only how to build a program, but how to market it,” said Chris Empey, Vice President of R&E Cleaning and Restoration of Bluffdale, UT. “That’s just as important. It’s like crossing the ‘Ts’ and dotting the ‘Is’. Not only do you get the information as to how and why, you go through the steps of actually doing it. That right there covered any sort of expense incurred to make it here.”
Another session of “Weathering the Storm” will meet in Chicago later this year. For more information, see or call 773-777-9956.