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Wayland Union Schools considers privatizing custodial staff

January 7, 2010
WAYLAND, MI — In an attempt to close a $1.4 million gap in the budget, Wayland Union Schools is considering cutting its 22-person custodial and groundskeeping staff and bidding the work out to a private company, according to the Allegan County News.
According to the story, Superintendent Eivor Swan said the district could save an estimated $450,000 by privatizing its custodial services.

The district is still in negotiation with the current custodial staff — that has been working under an expired contract since September — and the district had a planned meeting Tuesday with union officials to discuss how their offer compares to private bids the district has already received, the story stated.

At least one Wayland resident, Jeff Salisbury, opposes the proposed outsourcing and has organized a Solidarity Rally and Songfest, the story added.

Salisbury, a recently retired teacher from the Wayland district, said: "I’m concerned that 23 or more people that live, work and spend their salaries around here might not be able to do it anymore."

According to the story, the budget deficit was caused in part by a state of Michigan funding cut of $167 per student.

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