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Wausau Paper is hiring

March 9, 2009
RHINELANDER, WI — Wausau Paper announced that it will be hiring an undisclosed number of full-time employees at its Rhinelander mill this spring, according to News of the North.
The mill, which has not hired any full-time employees since 2001, will be accepting applications from now until the selection process begins in May, the story stated.
Mike Carpiaux, the Rhinelander mill’s director of human resources, said: "It’s our plan to hire permanent entry-level production workers in May, but a lot of water has to go over the dam before that."
Temporary and student workers will also be hired as they are every spring, the story noted.
The mill, which makes specialty and coated paper products, blames the large gap in hiring on the slow economy and a continual decrease in the demand of its products, the story added.
According to the story, applicants are requested to apply online or through Northern Advantage Job Center in Rhinelander.
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