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Waterless blog release

August 14, 2009
Vista, CA – Waterless Co. founder and general manager Klaus Reichardt is not exactly sure where his new blog is going, but he thinks it is ultimately a good thing.
The company, which manufactures waterless urinal systems and other restroom supplies, has been blogging on a number of major “discussion” sites, such as LinkedIn, for the past few months.
Just recently the company established its own blog, the Waterless No-Flush Urinals Blog located at
“We want to have a two-way communication device,” says Reichardt. “We view [having our own] blog as a way to share information, allow visitors to ask questions, and receive consumer feedback.”
According to Reichardt, the blogs receiving the greatest traffic appear to be the case study-type blogs, which discuss where and why a waterless system is in place and include feedback from the customer.
And, at least one of the blogs has received considerable search engine attention. The blog “New Year’s Eve, Saturday Night, and….Urinals” is typically one of the first listings to pop up when doing a search on waterless urinals.
“This blog is about all the heavy use [conventional] urinals get on major holidays and Saturday nights, often causing them to clog up,” says Reichardt. “It tells the story of how one California restaurateur installed waterless systems just because of this problem.”
Reichardt says having the blog mirrors the company’s overall customer service focus. “It allows us to respond quickly if there is a concern and also monitor what people think and say about waterless urinal systems,” he adds.