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US Products release 4.11

April 11, 2011

CleanMaster is Now U.S. Products

Will Help Us Design Equipment that Better Meets our Customers'' Needs

Mukilteo, WA - U.S. Products, one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of professional carpet, floor, and restoration equipment, announces that CleanMaster equipment will now be marketed under the U.S. Products brand name.

ClnMaster, which also has a long and respected history in the carpet cleaning industry, manufacturers:

· Specialized equipment designed to clean escalators;

· Five different portable carpet extractors;

· A self-contained truckmount carpet cleaning system;

· Rotary machines to clean hard-surface floors;

· Multi-surface equipment for cleaning both carpets and hard-surface floor coverings; and

· Carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals.

"This merger is really designed to benefit our end-customers," says Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for U.S. Products and CleanMaster. "Both brands serve similar markets. Now, instead of competing against each other, we can put more time and effort into designing equipment that better meets our customers'' needs."

Wiebe adds that combining the two companies under one name will also help strengthen the U.S. Products brand name, bolster manufacturing capabilities, improve distribution of both product lines, and create new marketing opportunities for both companies.

"Everyone here is enthusiastic about this," he says. "The synergy is great and we all feel this will make U.S. Products a stronger company in the future."

About U.S. Products

U.S. Products has been manufacturing cleaning equipment for carpeting, floors, draperies, upholstery, and restoration for more than 25 years. The company is well known for its innovative internal heating systems, which deliver 212°F at the wand tip; its top-quality components; and its solid-state circuitry, which allow for precise operation and equipment control.