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US Products release 2.9

February 9, 2011
Dirty Carpets = Dirty House = Embarrassed Homeowner
Heat = Results
Mukilteo, WA - A survey conducted the second week of January 2011* asked carpet cleaning technicians to "psychoanalyze customers" as to how respondents think customers feel when their carpets are dirty.
The survey was conducted for U.S. Products ( About 500 registered owners of U.S. Products hot-water extractors were sent e-mail invitations to take the survey. As of January 14, 2011, 91 completed the survey.
Forty-seven percent believed their customers are embarrassed by their soiled carpets and another 47 percent believe their customers feel "their whole house is dirty" if their carpets are soiled.
On the other hand, once their carpets have been cleaned, using a hot-water extractor, 39 percent of technicians indicated clients are "thrilled," 32 percent answered "happy," and 26 percent responded "grateful."
The technicians were also asked, "What are the most frequent carpet stains you encounter?" These were their responses:
· Cola drinks, 31 percent
· Juice, 9 percent
· Red wine, 3 percent
· Urine stains, 56 percent.
As to the most difficult stains to remove, the top contenders were urine, coffee, Gatorade, juice, and "anything with red in it."
Asked if they warn their customers before cleaning that not all stains may be removed, 61 percent said "yes" and 26 percent, taking it a step further, report putting this information in writing. Ten percent "sometimes" tell their customers there might be a stain removal problem.
The final question concerned the use of hot-water extractors, which are machines that heat the cleaning solution above 200 degrees, vs. cold-water extractors.
Asked if they believed a hot-water extractor is more effective at removing carpet stains, the majority answered "yes," while only about 10 percent responded "no."
"By now it is fairly clear that heat can imp rove cleaning effectiveness," says Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for U.S. Products. "And, this is almost always true when it comes to stain removal."
*Results are rounded and may not necessarily total 100 percent.
About U.S. Products
U.S. Products has been manufacturing cleaning equipment for carpeting, floors, draperies, upholstery, and restoration for more than 25 years. The company is well known for its innovative internal heating systems, which deliver 212°F at the wand tip; its top-quality components; and its solid-state circuitry, which allow for precise operation and equipment control.