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November 11, 2011

U.S. Products Test-Your-Knowledge Quiz

Carpet Terminology Custodial Workers Should Know

Mukilteo, WA - Today’s custodial workers are being asked to perform more cleaning duties than ever before, including carpet cleaning.

But as most carpet cleaning technicians will testify, carpet cleaning is a science and, like many sciences, it has its own terms and vocabulary.

The following U.S. Products Test-Your-Knowledge Quiz is designed to help custodial workers learn more about carpets, their installation, as well as their cleaning and maintenance. Take the test and then check your answers below:

1. The term “bearding” refers to:

a) The “fuzz” found on carpets directly after installation

b) Long fiber fuzz on carpets often the result of inadequate installation

c) An unshaven custodial worker cleaning carpets

2. The term “pill test” refers to:

a) A federal standard for the measurement of the flammability of carpet or its backing

b) A test to determine how porous the backing of a carpet is

c) The ability of vacuum cleaners to remove particulates in carpet fibers

3. The terms stain or soil resistant refers to:

a) A finish that prevents stains and soils from attaching to carpets

b) A finish that delays stains and soils from attaching to carpets

c) A finish that inhibits stains and soils from attaching to carpets

4. A stain is:

a) Soiling on carpets, whether dry or liquid, that usually can be removed with a spotting kit

b) Spills that may actually discolor a carpet

c) Mud, food, or grease that adheres to carpet fibers but has not become set in the carpet

5. The term rotary brushing refers to:

a) A system of cleaning carpets using dry cleaning compounds

b) A technique used after carpet cleaning to “fluff up” carpet fibers

c) A technique in which detergent solution is worked into a carpet by a motor-driven rotating brush

“A final term everyone that cleans carpets should know is hot-water extraction,” adds Mark Baxter, Product Manager for U.S. Products.

“This is the most effective way to ‘deep clean’ carpets because it combines heated, pressurized water and powerful vacuums that reach deep into carpet fibers to remove soils.”


1. B

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. C

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