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University of Alberta janitors declare partial victory in Bee-Clean dispute

November 5, 2010
EDMONTON, CANADA — Janitors employed by a contractor at the University of Alberta have declared a "partial victory" in an ongoing battle with their employer, according to The Vancouver Sun.
Bee-Clean Building Maintenance has reinstated one janitor and agreed to hand out $155,000 in unpaid overtime to others, the article noted.
Gilbert Coy, a temporary foreign worker from the Philippines, was laid off by Bee Clean on September 28 after he allegedly got into a fight with another employee: The company told Coy in a letter that he was no longer allowed to work at the university because of the altercation, the article stated.
According to the article, officials with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) believe Coy was let go for a different reason: In a complaint filed last month, the organization alleged that Coy was intimidated and threatened for his involvement with the union and was fired for refusing to give it up.
This week, Coy received a letter from Bee-Clean, dated November 1, recalling him from a "temporary layoff" and offering him a position as a janitor at an office park in south Edmonton, the article added.
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