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University instates changes to increase custodial supervision

March 11, 2010
MONTCLAIR, NJ — The facilities department at Montclair State University is instating a new cleaning strategy expected to begin during spring break, according to The Montclarion.
Cleaning at Montclair State University is currently done over three shifts a day with a separate cleaning staff for each shift, the story stated.
Vice President of University Facilities Greg Bressler said: "We think this rearrangement will make the cleaning better. We are trying to manage it to a number of four supervisors. This allows us better supervision. We think this will be an improvement to the level of service provided to the constituency."
According to the story, the new strategy, which will come with no additional costs, is to change from three shifts per day to two, a move that is hoped to provide better results.
With the change, the first cleaning shift will begin at 4 a.m. and the second shift at 1 p.m., the story noted.
A letter is to be circulated by the facilities department to the students about the change in the coming week, the story added.
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