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University grows but the cleaning staff remains the same

October 28, 2011

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — While the number of students and the amount of square footage the Northern Arizona University (NAU) boasts is increasing, the number of cleaning staff remains stagnant, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

The fast-growing nature of the campus does have a downside in that it isn’t nearly as clean as it once was, the article stated.

"We maintain a good level of hygiene and cleanliness because it''s important. It just isn''t quite the higher standard you''d like to have," said Brian Chase, associate vice president for Capital Assets and Services.

According to the article, high-visibility and high-use areas like labs, lobbies and restrooms are still cleaned daily, but this fall saw the beginning of cutbacks.

Office trash is emptied once per week and the floors are vacuumed as needed; stairwells are cleaned once per month instead of daily or near daily; hallways are mopped three times per week, the article noted.

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