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Unidentified mold problem proves costly for district

October 26, 2009
HOLLIS, NH — The Hollis School District has spent roughly $200,000 on mold remediation efforts and is still unable to pinpoint the source of the contamination, according to the Nashua Telegraph.
The problem, which began in late August, has resulted in the removal of ceiling tiles in all 22 rooms on the bottom level of Hollis Upper Elementary School, replacing them with mold-resistant tiles and removing four-feet sections of walls in affected rooms, the story stated.
According to the story, the district has a $95,000 annual contingency fund but it can''t spend all of it now because of the likelihood of additional needs during the school year, making funding the necessary work difficult.
Representatives of ServePro and OccuHealth performed a walk-through of the building to gauge the extent of the problem and to provide figures for fixing the mold contamination, the story noted.
School Board Chairman Jim McCann said: "The piece still outstanding is: We don''t know the ultimate solution to the problem. A number of walls have been ripped out. Ceiling tiles have been taken out. It''s been stripped down."
After recent indoor air quality tests revealed significant levels of airborne mold spores in five classrooms and another five rooms with somewhat elevated levels, experts advised sealing off the lower level of the school and moving classes upstairs, the story added.
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