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U.S. Products launches Facebook program

July 30, 2012

MUKILTEO, WA — U.S. Products announces they will begin an "Ask the Expert" program on the company''s Facebook page, according to a press release.

Facebook visitors will be invited to submit questions that will be answered by carpet cleaning expert Doyle Bloss, the release stated.

According to the release, Bloss has been a part of the cleaning, carpet cleaning and restoration industries for more than 30 years, and has developed several education and training programs for cleaning professionals in both the carpet cleaning and JanSan industries.

"We are very fortunate today that the professional carpet and cleaning industries have so many excellent trade publications that have helped cleaning professionals immeasurably," said Bloss.

"Our goal with the ''Ask the Expert'' program on Facebook is simply to be available when someone has a particular question and needs a quick answer," Bloss added.

The idea for the program evolved when Bloss was invited to participate in a recent online seminar for the carpet cleaning industry, the release noted.

He was asked many questions — everything from what’s the difference between a stain and a spot to the benefits of pre-spraying carpets, the release added.

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