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Twelve custodians laid off

June 27, 2011

FALL RIVER, MA — Twelve of 29 district court custodians have lost their jobs, according to The Herald News.

While the 12 custodians were aware of the imminent layoffs, the move was finalized last Thursday at the Bristol County Board of Commissioners meeting, the article stated.

According to the article, the layoffs are a result of two courthouses in Fall River being vacant for about a year and the imminent shutdown of two court buildings in Taunton.

"It''s a sad situation," said Jordan Louro, facilities manager for the county courthouses and registry buildings.

"They are out of work. Some of them are old as 58 years old. That''s tough. Who’s going to want a 58-year-old guy," Louro added.

Louro has hope that the state will rehire the custodians at the Taunton Trial Court Center, which he believes will need more than 17 custodians, the article noted.

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