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Tuesday's Ask the Experts: Office bidding

July 24, 2012

Tuesday''s Ask the Experts question from a cleaning professional on the International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN) "Ask the Experts" page: I am bidding on 13,000 sq. ft. of office space, 23 offices, 4 conference rooms, 1 large meeting room, 1 lunchroom/kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 18 cubicle work stations, 1 elevator, 1 stair case, and common area. The job is 5 days a week. How many hours and how many people should I use for the basic work?

The answer:

Among other things, your building survey must identify: the work station density (number of employees divided into the total square footage), the building use (including the inclusion or exclusion of internal housekeeping during the day) and the cleaning specs (frequency of deep cleaning vs. partial or spot cleaning). You have the square footage and frequency, and some data to calculate WSD (work station density). If there are ... — Gary Clipperton, president of National Pro Clean Corp.

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