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TTT release

April 7, 2011

Sunshine for Train the Trainer Course in Seattle April 27 – 29
Instructor Bill Griffin, tells me that he requested three days of sunshine in Seattle on April 27 – 29 when the CIM Train The Trainer Course will be held at Renton Technical College.
All kidding aside, don''t miss this opportunity to learn from a Master Trainer with 30 years of cleaning experience, who is on the cutting edge of technology and education. You''ve heard him speak at industry conventions, you''ve read his books and articles in CMM and other publications; now join Cleaning Management Institute in bringing this industry legend to Renton Technical College for this special 3 day course.

The program starts were lectures, PowerPoint and videos leave off and is customized in real time to meet the specific needs of each attendee. This is not your typical Train the Trainer program, it goes far beyond what most programs cover.
This is a "Learn by Doing" instructional program. Come prepared to learn and apply new skills from the minute you walk in the door. Griffin believes that students learn best by doing and the same goes for instructors. During the course attendees work with the instructor and other participants to develop materials, outlines and presentation skills that can be used immediately to improve your training program.

Learn about the latest trends and instructional techniques for adult technical and management education and how computer based, on line and alternative formats are changing the way adults learn. Find out what works and why, and what''s a waste of time and money.

This program is based on the CMI Custodial Training Program, and even though you will learn about the technical aspects of cleaning hard floors, carpets, offices, and other areas, the real focus of this program is on mastering the most effective instructional techniques available to help adults learn management and technical skills as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Course participants will learn instructional techniques by actually performing them during the course. The instructor explains the principals behind each instructional technique and then students apply them in actual learning experiences throughout the course.
The techniques you will learn and use in the class can be applied to all types of technical, managerial and behavioral instruction.

Lunch is included on all three days. Complete instructional program manuals are included with the course. As a bonus, the instructor provides a special 100 plus page "Instructors Guide" for those attending the program.

Plan ahead and spend the weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the fresh air, mountains, trees, water and sights of Seattle, WA.

Wm R. Griffin, President of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. in Seattle, WA, will teach each course. Griffin has over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry as a cleaner, consultant and educator. He is the author of the Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual, How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning, How to Start and Operate a Successful Cleaning Business and other books and manuals, as well as hundreds of articles regarding cleaning, maintenance and self-employment.

He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at cleaning industry trade shows and conventions throughout the world. He is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as a Master Cleaner, and is an active carpet and hard surface-flooring inspector and approved IICRC instructor and school for carpet (CCT & CMT), stone (SMT) and hard floors (FCT). He is approved by the ISSA as a CIMS assessor and consultant.

The cost to attend each seminar is $995.00. A comprehensive training & reference manual is included with each course. Note: The price for the CMI Train the Trainer course is $995.00.