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TruckMountForums class release

April 12, 2010
Virginia Beach, VAFrom the leaders who brought you the most worldwide active cleaning and restoration forums with over thousands of years of experience, TruckMountForums (TMF) announces the "Cleaning & Restoration University (CRU)."
CRU is created by cleaners for cleaners. (CRU) promises to offer affordable online training classes from many industry teachers and associations so you do not have to travel anywhere, saving you hundreds of dollars in flight costs, gas, food and, most important of all, missing a valuable day of work!
These live online classes will range between $99-199 per class and up to 2-5 hours per class.
Most online classes will be recorded via video/voice/text and sent to each student using secure authentication to prevent sharing the video. Online test exams are provided on the forum for the students who choose to take them.
The benefits:

1. Affordable online classes $99-199 per class.

2. Affordable Test Exams, Premium TMF Members may take unlimited test exams, more info TBA.

3. Full access pass to monthly webinars and other web related events.

4. Monthly Discounts to the TruckMountForums store and Sponsored Vendors.

5. How to create a high profit business in less than 3 days by accessing the top threads.

6. Student receives video of the online class, meaning powerpoint presentation, videos/pictures/text content viewed during class is available for each student.

7. Certifications, Certification Of Completion Certificates and Continued Educational Credits (CRU)

8. Shy students may feel more comfortable. Some students hate to participate in live class discussions. For many students, the online environment can be less intimidating.

9. Online instructors come with practical knowledge and may be from any location across the globe. This allows students to be exposed to knowledge that can’t be learned in books and see how class concepts are applied in real business situations.

10. Because online institutions often offer "chat rooms" for informal conversation between students, where student bios and non-class discussions can take place, there appears to be a increased bonding and camaraderie over traditional class environments.

Summer/fall Schedule to be announced on May 5, 2010.