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Truckmount users reveal likes about truckmount systems

November 24, 2010
MUKILTEO, WA — A survey of truckmount carpet extractor users says that they prefer using a truckmount carpet extractor over a portable or other types of carpet cleaning systems because of how well it cleans carpets, the power and higher psi of the machine, and because they believe it enhances worker productivity, according to a press release.
"Nearly 80 percent of the respondents use ''slide-in'' truckmount systems with the remainder using vehicle powered units," said Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for both U.S. Products and HydraMaster. "And most all say they also use portable extractors."
According to Wiebe, respondents'' helpful suggestions focused on machine simplification, size, and noise level.
One forward-thinking respondent suggested remote control operation to reduce idle time, while another simply remarked, "No problems, just keep on trucking," the release stated.
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