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Trends and directions: 3 ideas in hard floor care

September 19, 2010

Although floor care equipment has been slow to change, several manufacturers have focused recent development on improving ergonomics, safety, productivity and economics, while reducing environmental impacts.

Facility service providers (FSPs) should consider the following innovations:

Cylindrical brush technology
Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, mounted on each end of the machine, can clean uneven floor surfaces better than a rotary buffer.

Cylindrical brush machines also require less training, are easier and safer to use, and use less chemical and water.

Passive/active vacuum systems
The agitation of high-speed burnishers can cause pollutants to become airborne.

Active systems have a vacuum cleaner motor built-in to the floor machine to capture particulates; passive systems use the floor machines own motor to vacuum up dust and debris.

Both systems help improve indoor air quality, and protect the health of the cleaning worker.

Curved floor squeegees
Compared to straight squeegees, curved floor squeegees tend to conform better to a variety of floor surfaces, help lift the soiled water into the waste water tank, and offer better suction.

Additionally, FSPs should look for push/pull squeegees, which allow pick-up in either forward or reverse.

David Stanislaw is an equipment engineer with Tornado Industries, Chicago.