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Treat employees well, they will stay

September 19, 2010
The traditional method of employee retention is to offer more money, additional bonuses or other financial perks in hopes that employees will stay and you will have to do less hiring.

However, this program may not work for every employee.

Can’t buy their happiness
For several reasons, there are many people who are not motivated by financial gain.

These people want to make a difference in life or in the world.

Your recruiting strategies need to address this issue by addressing your company’s recruitment policies and also your company’s mission or vision statements.

It is not unusual for frustrated employees to look elsewhere for employment when they feel that their talents are not being properly utilized or they do not feel appreciated.

Sometimes a simple “thank you” to an employee at the time clock can go a long way to making them feel that their efforts contribute to the company’s success.

Keep in touch
Many workers feel that supervisors are out of touch with the challenges of cleaning and do not understand the current issues of the cleaning profession.

If you struggle with turnover, you may want to look at your company’s value system and change the way employees are viewed.

Develop a mission and vision statement to address the challenges and benefits of having a great group of employees.

Let employees know that your business or facility needs a group of functioning, literate and caring employees to achieve the goals that have been identified as important.

Allow access to the goal development process so employees are involved and shown that their opinion counts.

If all employees are involved in moving the company in a forward direction, more people will stay with a vested interest in the outcomes of their planning.

Employees also crave recognition for doing something well.

Praise employees
Look toward authorizing supervisory positions to “catch people doing something right,” instead of the normal quality audits.

At year’s end, have a banquet inviting all the winners of these programs, along with their spouses or significant others, to bask in the glory of their accomplishments to move your company forward.

Have write-ups in the company newsletter featuring dedicated employees, employees with a certain length of longevity, or employees who have made a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

More importantly, have your company begin the change of culture to do something different to attract quality employees from the beginning of the employment process.

A culture of top-notch workers feeling good about their contributions to the work environment goes a long way to keeping people in the fold.

Helping workers find their inner leader will create a system of leadership building that will foster a culture of winning workers with great customer attitudes.

The leadership training program that goes deepest into the ranks of workers will create a company that can withstand almost anything the competitive world can throw at it.

Talented people enjoy working with other talented people.

If your recruiting and hiring practices can find those candidates and you can complete their training to take them to a place in their lives they never thought possible, you will never have to worry about employee retention again.

Dane Gregory is the president and CEO of 3-D Corporation, which owns Dr. Clean Consultants, a company that provides technical and management training to companies worldwide. For more information, visit