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Town hall left with no heat and hefty repair costs

January 5, 2010
PLAINVILLE, MA — A "rotted" heating system in the Plainville Town Hall left the building with no heat and an estimated cost of $19,000 in repairs, according to The Sun Chronicle.
According to the story, Town Administrator Joe Fernandes had known for years of the need for repairs to the boiler.
"It really can''t be repaired, the sections have just rotted out," said Fernandes.
Fernandes said he received an estimate of $19,000 to replace the boiler and is also considering using a temporary boiler, the story stated.
According to the article, there are also issues with corroding pipes in the heat distribution system.
Fernandes estimates the cost of replacing the entire system at $100,000, but said that replacing a steam system would be foolish, the story noted.
The town has $23,000 in its building maintenance fund, the story added.
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