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Tornado offers battery maintenance tips

May 7, 2010
CHICAGO — The spring and summer months are typically the times when many facilities refinish their hard surface floors, making it important that the batteries on floor machines are maintained and functioning properly, according to a press release.
Many facilities are now using battery-powered floor machines because they offer greater flexibility and safety, the release stated.
Daniel Frimml, a service technician with Tornado® Industries, said: "One of the worst things that can happen to a battery is for it to be discharged too far. In response to this specific problem, one manufacturer now offers an electronic low-battery cut-out feature on its new machines."
Some tips Frimml suggests to keep floor machine batteries in tip-top condition are: Check the water level regularly, check cables and connectors for cleanliness and make sure these parts are tight and keep all batteries and battery-operated equipment away from heat sources when stored, the release noted.
According to the release, sealed batteries are commonly called maintenance-free batteries and, as the name implies, are maintenance-free; however, it is still advisable to check the connections and cables on a regular basis.
Frimml also suggests end-users always wear proper personal protection equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, when servicing batteries, the release added.
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