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January 6, 2010
Chicago, IL — As 2009 came to a close, many jansan professionals looked back to see what changes and trends emerged out of the past 12 months.
And it is likely, because of the economy''s tailspin in 2009, that some fundamental trends and changes have evolved that will impact our industry for years to come.
Mike Schaffer, President of Tornado Industries®, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, offers the following "Top Five Jansan Trends of 2009."
  1. The jansan industry is recession resilient. For years, the professional cleaning industry was considered recession "resistant," only marginally impacted by economic declines. This is no longer the case; instead, we have become recession resilient. The industry is bouncing back—becoming leaner, more focused, and more responsive to customer needs and economic changes.
  2. Cleaning and health are forever linked. What may have started as a marketing slogan is now scientifically supported in our industry. Our end customers increasingly associate proper cleaning with the betterment of health, hygiene, and the environment.
  3. Green is here to stay. If anyone still had any doubts about Green cleaning, those dissolved in 2009. Our industry has become a leader in environmental responsibility, and other industries and market segments are following our lead.
  4. Floorcare is becoming more sustainable. Along with becoming Greener, more floorcare manufacturers are developing machines that use less water, chemical, and energy. Additionally, cylindrical brush technology—which employs brushes that can be used over and over again—is found on more floorcare equipment.
  5. Reducing cleaning costs without sacrificing health or appearance. If 2009 has taught us anything, it is that end customers want to reduce cleaning costs without sacrificing the health of building occupants or a facility''s appearance. They are turning to distributors and cleaning contractors for products and technologies that, for example, reduce costly floor finishing cycles and carpet cleaning frequencies.
"I''m sure more trends could be added to this list," says Schaffer, "[but] these stand out the most."
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