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Top tips for disinfecting schools

February 3, 2012

JOHNSTOWN, NY — Recent outbreaks of diseases and bacterial infections at several U.S. schools prompted representatives of Spray Nine to release key tips to ensure proper disinfection in schools, according to a press release.

"Although more schools are greening their cleaning programs, there''s still the need for traditional disinfectants to further ensure dangerous germs are destroyed — especially in gymnasiums, lunchrooms and classrooms," said Cary Zelich, marketing manager for Spray Nine, a Permatex brand.

"Even in cases where legislatures are promoting green cleaning at state-run schools, such as the recent case in Vermont, most legislation doesn’t limit the use or distribution of antimicrobial disinfectants or sanitizers," Zelich added.

According to the release, there are several tips that those involved in cleaning schools need to keep top-of-mind in combating the spread of bacteria, including:

1. Knowing the difference between cleaning and disinfecting
2. Providing on-site training on a continual basis
3. Concentrating on disinfecting areas that may normally get overlooked.

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