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Today's dispensing systems provide safe chemical management

September 19, 2010

Dispensing systems in today’s cleaning environment provide facility service providers with a broad array of benefits.

Originally, these water-driven equipment units were designed to maximize the cost savings available from super-concentrated chemical products, as well as to drive performance and consistency with proper strength dilutions.

These units now provide advantages that encompass worker safety issues and enhance environmental responsibility for the use of cleaning products.

Most dispensing systems (part of a system of true chemical management) incorporate a “no-contact” feature, preventing the worker from harm associated with direct splashing or contact with the concentrated product.

This leads to effective and safe use of the properly diluted chemical cleaner.

At the same time, the “closed-loop” feature of these systems takes concentrates that are by their design environmentally responsible (such as those certified by Green Seal under the GS-37 Standard for Industrial & Institutional Cleaners) and dilutes them at the correct ratio.

This creates in-use product solutions that minimize the harmful effects (compared to traditional janitorial strength products sold through dispensers) to our ecosystem, and provides a safer building environment for workers and guests in offices, schools, institutions and other facilities.

When coupled with proper on-site training, these systems provide exceptional value for your cleaning dollar and promote a safer workplace.

Jerry Churchill is technical director for National Chemical Laboratories Inc., Philadelphia, PA, and has over 30 years of product and system development experience in the JanSan and maintenance industry.