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Tips to weather the economic storm

August 3, 2009
CHICAGO — Michael Schaffer, president of Tornado Industries Inc., offers suggestions for JanSan manufacturers, distributors and contract cleaners to get something positive out of the current recession, according to a press release.
Some of Schaffer''s suggestions include: Investing in training and education; analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your company; and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, the release stated.
Other suggestions were to: Help one another; examine staffing needs; and continue marketing and advertising, the release noted.
Schaffer said: "And my best advice: Don’t pay a lot of attention to the daily ups and downs of the economy. Try to stay focused on taking care of your business; let the rest take care of itself."
According to the release, there is not a lot of good that can be said about this recession; however, some positive things can come out of it.
Companies can restructure their operations and re-focus their energies so they not only survive the current situation, but come out stronger once conditions improve, the release added.
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