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Thursday's Ask the Experts: Employee issues

March 11, 2010
Thursday''s Ask the Experts question from a cleaning professional on the International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN) Ask the Experts page: Should key employees know everything about the business, such as cost of insurance, supplies, payroll, gas, equipment and so on?
They are compensated in part by a percentage of profits. I think they need to know this information, but my partner believes such information is none of their business.
They have signed a non-compete agreement and I don''t think they can manage effectively without this information. If they misuse the info, then they were the wrong person to begin with. What do you think?
The answer:
There is no absolutely correct answer to this question. It is something you and your partner must arrive at together in order to keep harmony in the relationship.
However, the basic question to answer must be: What does the key person actually need to know?
For example, would a key carpet cleaning technician need to know the details of payroll? While an awareness of truck mount operation costs and chemical supply expenses may be of value, does this person need to know everyone’s take home pay to do his or her job?
Probably not, and so we could provide them information on management concerns on a need-to-know basis. Whatever is essential to their work performance should certainly ... — Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor
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