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The green roof professional

April 4, 2011

WASHINGTON — The new industry accreditation of Green Roof Professional (GRP) is gaining acceptance and client appreciation, according to Water World.

The designation of GRP is allowing individuals to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and greater construction industry, the article noted.

A green roof, which is a multi-functional building improvement, comes with a multitude of benefits that include energy savings by reducing air conditioning and heating costs, providing visually appealing building features and allowing for water resource management, the article stated.

"Many green roof requests for proposals across the country are now requiring that an accredited Green Roof Professional be part of the team," said Steven Peck, president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, at a recent green infrastructure presentation in Minneapolis, MN.

"Successful green roofs require a combination of knowledge and expertise in the so-called ''black arts'' and ''green arts,''" Peck added.

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