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The Green Business Bureau helps 'green' businesses save green

December 21, 2009
AUSTIN, TX — The Green Business Bureau (GBB) helps eco-minded businesses and consumers across the nation save money while saving the environment, according to a press release.
According to the release, the initiatives of the GBB prove that Americans wanting to be more conservative with their money can actually benefit from taking steps to conserve the environment.
For the GBB, "going green" means more than just becoming eco-friendly, it means becoming eco-efficient through a program of green initiatives — essentially, specific and cost-efficient tasks that businesses can undertake on their path to sustainability, the release stated.
Marcos Cordero, founder of the GBB, said: "Every initiative our member businesses receive has been designed to yield the maximum benefit for the environment while minimizing the level of effort and investment. And each set of recommendations has also been specifically tailored to the goals and needs of that individual business. Essentially, we''ve calculated the equation for delivering your business the most environmental bang for its buck."
Member businesses can log in and access their personalized going-green program, allowing business managers to track how their efforts pay off, not only in terms of estimated environmental impact but also in terms of fiscal rewards, the release noted.
It is difficult to ignore the growing body of evidence that going green is more critical than ever for businesses that want to stay afloat in our economy — and thrive in the long-term as well, the release added.
According to Cordero, "mindless greenwashing" has become a cultural epidemic, so he wanted to offer businesses a practical and financially prudent plan for becoming environmentally responsible that included more than just a bunch of planet-saving tips and tricks.
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