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The Chemical Free Cleaning Expo approaches

December 9, 2011

DAVIE, FL — This holiday season, the true spirit of goodwill can be demonstrated to commercial and residential building occupants by no longer threatening their health with toxic cleaning chemicals, according to a press release.

The Chemical Free Cleaning Expo will be held on February 21 on the campus of Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, the release stated.

According to the release, at the Expo, members of the cleaning industry, as well as interested members of the general public, can learn:

• The new technologies that allow thorough cleaning and sanitation by using little more than tap water and electricity
• What to do step-by-step to implement your own chemical-free cleaning program and pay for everything without breaking your budget
• Why the current economic downturn means you have even more leverage to create change like never before
• Which chemical-free product mix will be best for your organization.

The first 100 attendees will receive a free copy of the Extreme Green Cleaning book, the release noted.

To view a full schedule of events and to register, click here.

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