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The Carlisle Fairgrounds maintenance crew wears many hats

April 20, 2010
CARLISLE, PA — As springtime summons outdoor gatherings, festivals and shows, it, too, brings together the maintenance department of the Carlisle Fairgrounds, according to the Sentinel.
Once a year, Tom Bowman and his staff of three full-time, year-round workers and 42 seasonal and part-time employees perform preventative maintenance and general cleaning tasks to ready the Carlisle Fairgrounds for the Carlisle Events car shows that run all season, the story stated.
Terry Starner, a maintenance worker at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, said: "We are doing something different every day. We expect to be flying around here."
From strategically placing 650 trash cans in and around concession and vendor areas to completely cleaning and sanitizing each and every fixture in all of the restrooms, Bowman and his staff ready the Carlisle not only for the car shows, but for all of the summer''s happenings, the story noted.
At any given time, Bowman and his maintenance staff can be called on to be carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics or janitors, the story added.
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