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The 2005 <i>CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management</i>&reg; Dream Team

September 19, 2010

Meet the cleaning industry''s best and brightest. They are the 2005 CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® Dream Team.

The Dream Team represents all facets of the industry, from manufacturers, in-house, and contract cleaning personnel to consultants and association leaders.

A panel of experts (see "The Judges" below) reviewed more than 35 nominees and selected the four-member Dream Team.

Those who were selected by the panel rose to the top of the list for a host of reasons, including their lifelong dedication to the JanSan industry, contributions and innovations, leadership ability, and insight.

Read on to meet this year''s CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® Dream Team!

Joe Domin

Domin, a chemist who creates valuable tools for the industry, has more than 40 years'' of industry experience and is highly regarded among his peers, making him a valuable addition to the Dream Team.

Joe Domin originally had no intention of entering the JanSan industry until a change in management at his previous employer, Dial Corp., Scottsdale, AZ, caused him look elsewhere for employment.

Reluctant beginnings

A friend knew of Domin''s plight at work and told him that a manufacturer of carpet cleaning chemicals, ProChem, Chandler, AZ, was looking for a chemist.

He "pooh-pooed" the position and tried his hand at photography.

When that didn''t work out for him, he decided to interview at ProChem to see what the position and company was all about.

Domin was pleased with what he heard and took the job on the spot.

Factoring in success

Domin attributes his success mainly to his relationship with the customers who use his carpet cleaning products.

"I was always involved with them on a personal and professional basis," he said. "When they had a problem, I tried to solve it by developing a product that met their needs."

Creating useful products, as well as upgrading existing products and reducing manufacturing costs have also been factors in his success.

Thoughts on the industry

Domin said his biggest pet peeve is the term "carpet cleaner" because he believes that the term carries a negative stigma in the public eye, and that the value and importance of this work should be stressed to the public.

Instead of carpet cleaners, he prefers "health maintenance engineers", touting the benefits they present to consumers every time they clean a carpet, and the amount of skill and experience it takes to get the job done right.

Domin is currently developing a new technique that uses digital photography and a microscope to help "health maintenance engineers" with legal issues that can arise from jobs gone wrong.

"Sometimes it''s tough to prove that the problem is not the company''s fault," he said. "This technique will provide proper documentation before cleaning is preformed, so the blame can rest with the deserving party."

Outside of the office

Domin has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 27 years and has six grandchildren, ranging from ages one to 18.

Domin is also an avid nature-lover and photographer.

"I enjoy the environment in Arizona," he said. "It''s one of the prettiest states in the whole country."

Greg Ford

Ford is a natural born salesman and industry leader with more than 30 years'' experience, making him a key player on the Dream Team.

Greg Ford had already started his sales career in real estate when a client sold him on the JanSan industry.

"I was selling real estate and showed a home to a gentleman who had just moved to Lafayette, IN to be sales manager for Schnaible Service & Supply," Ford said. "He convinced me that I would do much better at selling bowl cleaner than homes!"

Passion for success

Ford currently serves as vice president of sales at Spartan Chemical Co., Maumee, OH.

Many factors have contributed to Ford''s success, but he said the most prevalent are his mentors and his passion.

He works tenaciously to serve end users through creative product and system solutions that address customers'' individual needs, always with an eye toward dollar savings and bottom line profits.

Industry credits

To Ford, the customer is truly No. 1. The most important thing he can offer is health and safety for building occupants, reducing custodial staff''s contact with cleaning products, as well as environmental benefits.

In the last two years, Ford has been the primary driver for introducing and implementing green products to building service contractors (BSCs).

In addition, Ford has aggressively pursued Spartan Chemical''s participation in the U.S. Green Building Council''s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings (LEED-EB), which enables Spartan to assist BSCs in obtaining the points needed for LEED and LEED-EB certification.

Communicating change

Ford would like to see more training at both the distributor and end-user levels and better communication between the groups so they can fully understand each other''s needs and problems.

"I would like to see us move away from the bid, bark, buy'' to a solution where selling real value is attained by all parties," Ford said.

Family ties

Ford and his wife Monica have two grown children.

Allison attended New York University, lives in Manhattan, and is pursuing a career in theater; Jeffrey attends college in Toledo, OH.

Dave Frank

From cleaning floors to owning his own business, this member of the Dream Team can say he has done it all.

Dave Frank entered the JanSan industry when he was 16 years old, working his way through school as a custodian for a building service contractor (BSC) in Chicago.

When he finished school, Frank moved to Denver in 1979 and started his own contract cleaning business.

Several years later Frank accepted a position with a local JanSan distributor where he sold cleaning supplies for six years.

During that time Frank advanced his career and accepted a position at Windsor Industries — a JanSan equipment manufacturer and distributor based in Englewood, CO.

"I moved up in manufacturing positions within the industry for several years and then started KnowledgeWorx, an industry think tank, in 2000," Frank said.

"More recently, we founded the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences to furnish a variety of consulting services to facility service providers, manufacturers and distributors."

Success stories

Frank credits "hard work, dedication, a focused passion, and being unwilling to accept the status quo," as qualities that have allowed him to contribute to the industry in many different ways.

Also, his many relationships have afforded Frank the opportunity to learn and develop his skills over the course of his career in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Currently, Frank is a member of ISSA®, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI), and also has an alliance with the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Pros and cons of the job

"In my 25 years in the industry, I have had the opportunity to lecture to over 100,000 sales people and industry leaders," Frank said. "I enjoy learning from others as well as helping others succeed in their careers."

Although Frank loves the industry and his career, there are some things he would like to see change.

"I would like to see a certification program for all industry professionals and a set of standards for the cleaning industry," he said.

Family guy

Frank, his wife Lori, and their two children enjoy living in the Rocky Mountains.

Harry Kendrick

Cleaning runs in the family for this member of the Dream Team.

Kendrick was first introduced to the world of housekeeping by his mother, who was an executive housekeeper at a small hospital in Massachusetts.

During his college years, Kendrick would work with his mother on weekends and during summers, filling in on all shifts.

"I really learned the basics of housekeeping from her and the staff at the hospital," Kendrick said. "I''ve always tried to emulate the standards of cleanliness she possessed."

After graduating from Springfield College he worked for three years at a residential treatment center for teenage girls, serving as both a teacher and residential supervisor.

During Kendrick''s third year, he decided on a career change and looked toward housekeeping.

After completing a 160-hour housekeeping course and several months of job searching, he found a position as housekeeping manager at Rutland Hospital, VT, where he worked for six years.

Kendrick left in 1978 to take a position at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) as the director of housekeeping services, a position he still holds today.

His responsibilities include: Housekeeping, conference services, waste, and recycling.

Achieving success

Kendrick feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with excellent managers and housekeepers who have mentored him throughout his career.

"At DHMC, I have had some excellent bosses, and the cultural environment of the institution is such that we are all able to take risks and innovate," Kendrick said.

"The senior leadership has always been supportive of the growth and development of the department."

Kendrick also believes that his involvement with the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) has had a positive influence on his career.

"The chapter meetings, educational programs, and networking at all levels have always played an important part in contributing to my success," Kendrick said.

Industry accomplishments

Kendrick served the IEHA national board from 1984 to 1992; as president from 1990 to 1992.

DHMC''s environmental program has been a model for other institutions because Kendrick and his team recycle approximately 39 percent of the hospital''s waste.

On a personal note

Kendrick and his wife, Jean, have been married for 35 years and have two grown children.

"Our daughter April is married and just gave birth to my first grandchild, Ava, and our son T.J. is getting married in October," Kendrick said. "My wife and daughter are both elementary school teachers, and my son works for Homeland Security."