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Textile Pro release 4.3

April 3, 2012

Certified Textile Pro™ Companies Announced.

Lisa Wagner and Jim Pemberton announced their first certified Textile Pro companies for rug and fine fabric care. These firms completed six months of training through the Textile Pro™ program, and then conducted specific cleaning projects in order to earn their certifications.

Lisa explained, “We didn’t want our certification to be yet another multiple choice test. We wanted a certification process that actually showed these professionals know how to clean rugs and fabric properly.”

Jim added, “We wanted to make sure they understood the training they’ve received and could apply it successfully to their rug and fabric cleaning operations.”

The firms who earned Textile Pro™ Certification are:

Missoula Rug Cleaning (MT), CleanRite Carpet Cleaning (CA), Commonwealth Corporation (PA), My Steam Cleaner (FL), Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning (PA), Gatesway Cleaning & Restoration (PA), Masters Touch Carpet Care (CA), Pressluft (CA), Apex Floor & Furniture Care (FL), Benedict’s Rug Cleaning (GA), Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration (OH), Main Street Cleaning & Restoration (FL), and Coastal Cleaning Solutions (ME).