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Texas college to be fully powered by wind

January 15, 2010
GEORGETOWN, TXStarting in February, Southwestern University will rely solely on wind to power the entire campus, according to News 8 Austin.
According to the story, Southwestern University will become the first college or university in the state of Texas and one of only six in the nation to be fully powered by green energy.

Leah Jones, a student from the university who helped initiate the idea for a wind-powered campus, said: "We just wanted to go 100 percent, all the way. It seems like a great opportunity to get sustainable energy on campus."

The power, which will come from two wind farms in West Texas, is being offered at a fixed rate to the university over 18 years and, while the details of the contract are confidential, the city of Georgetown said they are competitive with rates for conventional energy, the story stated.

Other sustainability initiatives at the university include the dining hall''s decision to go ''trayless'' last year, the story added.

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