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September 19, 2010

Since 1870, Tennant Company has been creating a cleaner, safer world. We are committed to improving the quality our indoor environments, while reducing the impact of cleaning on our outdoors.

From scrubbers that use no chemicals, to lower VOC coatings that help improve air quality, Tennant is your partner for sustainable cleaning solutions.


1. Case Studies
Adobe Keeps The LEED With Help From Tennant
Real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield has introduced ec-H2O™ to help Adobe maintain its facilities — and its environmental and business leadership.

Polytechnique Montreal Stays Clean And Green With Help From Tennant
A leading engineering university known for its commitment, Polytechnique Montreal scrubs with FaST® foam scrubbing technology to help maintain LEED building standards.

Spokane Schools Think FaST
Spokane School District achieves LEED certification with help from Tennant.

From Purple And Gold To Green
The University of Washington moves ahead with Tennant''s FaST foam scrubbing technology.

2. Whitepapers
Green Cleaning White Paper
More than anything, green cleaning involves a change in perception — a different way of looking at cleaning.

Looking Ahead — From Green To Sustainability
The past decade, and especially the past few years, have seen rapid growth in the awareness of Green issues and Green cleaning in particular.

3. Video
How ec-H2O Works Video
See first-hand how ec-H2O can scrub with the same or better results as traditional cleaning detergents.

4. Products
Scrubbers Available With ec-H2O
Scrubbers equipped with chemical-free ec-H2O eliminate the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning detergents.

Carpet Cleaners Available With ReadySpace
ReadySpace® carpet cleaning technology creates fresher, healthier environments by permitting more frequent cleanings and reducing odors and molds caused by excess water.

5. Contact us for information on sustainable solutions from Tennant.