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Tennant Company sets the record straight

December 14, 2010
MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Tennant Company, a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, healthier world, has put its competitors on notice that it stands behind its proprietary ec-H2O technology, according to a press release.
This announcement stems from a recent press release issued by Nilfisk-Advance and related statements that attempt to discredit the effectiveness of Tennant''s electrically converted water technology, the release noted.
Nilfisk-Advance has claimed that a study they commissioned showed Tennant Company''s ec-H2O technology on floor scrubbers worked "no better than tap water" and not as well as detergents when, in fact, the study only tested the ec-H2O technology on petroleum-based soils, the release stated.
"We will continue to develop and market innovative technologies and solutions and would expect to face competitive challenges as we become more and more successful in the marketplace," said Chris Killingstad, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tennant Company.
"We will vigorously protect our technologies, products and brand from being the subjects of false and/or misleading statements," Killingstad added.
According to the release, third-party studies commissioned by Tennant have validated the performance of ec-H2O technology.
In a whitepaper prepared by Aspen Research Corporation of St. Paul, MN, Aspen research scientists summarize their test findings: "Tests performed by Aspen Research since 2006 consistently demonstrated that the water-electrolysis process [ec-H2O] cleaned as well as or better than industry-accepted general-purpose cleaners."
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