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Survey: JanSan Santa's Wish List

December 22, 2009
CHICAGO — A recent survey conducted by AlturaSolutions Communications for Tornado® Industries found that facility service managers and building service contractors (BSCs) were divided as to what gifts they would want "JanSan Santa" to bring them this holiday season, according to a press release.
When asked if they want a new carpet extractor, floor machine or vacuum cleaner, the respondents were evenly divided between the extractor and the floor machine at 42 percent each while 17 percent responded that a new vacuum cleaner was at the top of their wish list, the release stated.
According to the release, respondents were asked what they would choose if they had their choice of any floor machine and 42 percent indicated an automatic scrubber, 25 percent selected a walk-behind machine, 18 percent chose a standard buffer, 17 percent noted a high-speed burnisher and 8 percent pined for a ride-on machine.
When asked what type of vacuum cleaner the respondents wished for, having "JanSan Santa" drop off a new backpack received almost 60 percent of the votes, the release noted.
According to the survey, respondents were asked what they wished for regarding their businesses in 2010 and 50 percent said they hope "JanSan Santa" will grant them "a more stable" business.
When queried about what type of carpet cleaning equipment they would like as a gift this holiday season, 50 percent of respondents said they would like a multitasking machine that can clean both carpets and hard surface floors, the release added.
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