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Summer smells and tips to combat them

July 19, 2012

CINCINNATI — Higher temperatures can mean more than just oppressive heat and humidity — they can also create less than pleasant odors, according to a press release.

To help facility managers combat odors before they become a problem, the Cintas Corporation has announced the top sources of offensive summer scents, the release stated.

"Regardless of the facility type, a bad scent can displease guests and be a source of complaints during the summer," said John Engel, senior marketing manager of Cintas Facility Services.

"By understanding the causes of these odors and implementing prevention techniques, many can be easily eliminated," Engel added.

According to the release, ranked from most to least offensive, Cintas'' list of the top bad summer scents includes:

1. Trash
2. Restrooms
3. Dirty towels
4. Grout lines
5. Mops.

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