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Study's significance gets second look

October 17, 2011

HAMILTON, OH — A study conducted late last year has recently received renewed attention not because of what was revealed but because of what appears to be the cause of the problem discovered, according to a press release.

In September 2010, England''s Leeds Metropolitan University Faculty of Health Department reported that the kitchen floor of an average student house contains more bacteria than a public toilet, the release stated.

According to the release, upon closer examination, the study revealed much of the contamination was caused by the mops used to clean the floors.

In fact, in some cases "the floor was actually more infested with bacteria after the floor had been mopped," the release noted.

"This reinforces a number of recent U.S. studies," said Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac Inc., developers of the Omniflex Crossover Cleaning system.

"Traditional cleaning tools, especially mops, don''t always solve the problem. Instead, they may actually be the cause of the problem," Morrison added.

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