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Students taught in trailers overrun with mold, feral cats

February 3, 2010

NEW YORK — Students at Public School 106 have moved back into the main school building after parents raised concerns about students taught in leaky trailers infested with mold and feral cats, according to the New York Daily News.

According to the story, inspectors, sent to the trailers — also called transitional classroom unites (TCUs) — after parents first expressed concerns last fall, found holes in the units, rampant mold and about 100 feral cats living under the TCUs.

One hundred sixty first- and fourth-graders returned to the TCUs after repairs and a cleanup occurred over winter break, but parents are still concerned that students are at risk of mold exposure and want a more permanent solution, the story stated.

Parents Association President Desiree McKay said: "[The return of the students to the main building] is only a small victory because we haven''t heard anything concrete about the future. We still need a permanent solution."

City Education Department officials maintain that the TCUs were thoroughly remediated and safe for students, and that the students were moved into the main building in response to parent concern, the story noted.

Classes are temporarily being held in the science lab and the music room, and it is unclear if the TCUs will be used in the future, the story added.

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