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Students raw over one-ply TP

November 21, 2011

LAWRENCE, KS — The quality of campus toilet paper is rubbing students the wrong way, according to the Daily Kansan.

The University of Kansas (KU) leads universities across the state in toilet paper usage, consuming more than 100,000 rolls of the white stuff each year, the article stated.

According to the article, Steve Green, who is in charge of ordering toilet paper for Kansas, said KU Facilities and Operations plunges $61,804 into purchasing toilet paper every year.

"The toilet paper is so thin, it rips and it’s frustrating as you attempt to tear it off the dispenser," said Michael Garofalo, a junior at KU.

"I think, at the very least, it could be two-ply," Garofalo added.

"Alternative two-ply products would likely cost more, require new dispensers and may not supply enough paper to last between restroom cleanings in the larger KU classroom buildings," said Green.

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