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Students and staff sick and tired of mold

September 8, 2009
CHARLESTON, SC — The Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center at the College of Charleston is riddled with mold contamination and it is making students and staff ill, according to The Sun News.
According to the story, maintenance crews recently removed several sections of drywall from the 34-year-old building that were covered in green mold.
Many have developed allergic reactions and respiratory problems because the mold easily spreads throughout the three-story brick building due to the lack of ventilation, the story stated.
Mitchell Colgan, chair of the department of Geology and Environmental Geoscience, said: "My colleagues feel ill as soon as they walk into their offices. Some have come to my office with their eyes watering and their skin red. They want to work but they''ve had to go home."
When building occupants complained that leaks were making ceiling tiles moldy, maintenance workers simply replaced the tiles and did not repair the leaks, prompting some to believe the college has sidestepped their pleas for help by doing minor or cosmetic repairs, the story noted.
The Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center will be renovated to address any potential hazards when the new science building, which is nearing completion, is finished and when funds become available, the story added.
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