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Student petitions for custodial staff

May 11, 2012

LAKE ORION, MI — Gina Hensley, a junior at Lake Orion High School (LOHS), handed the board of education a petition signed by more than 200 students and teachers against privatizing custodial services, according to the Lake Orion Patch.

Hensley took her time detailing how the board’s decision to hire a private contractor to clean the school would negatively impact the students and staff, the article stated.

"There are many people at LOHS that wish to keep their current custodians because we love them so much. Not only do they clean our schools, they bring smiles to our faces and brighten up our days," said Hensley.

"Taking away the custodians from the school would create a different environment. The students would not feel comfortable talking to the new custodians that do not value their jobs like our current custodians do," Hensley added.

According to the article, Hensley pointed out that most custodians go above and beyond because they care about the kids and the schools, even taking the time to listen to any problems students are having.

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