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Strive for a waste-free lunch

April 22, 2010
BLOOMINGTON, IN — Many in the JanSan industry are bringing bagged lunches with them to work to save money; however, many fail to realize that the few dollars saved on lunch is not always sustainable and can be very costly to the environment, according to a press release.
For every ton of paper bags and napkins manufactured, approximately 17 trees are cut down, and these items are rarely recycled, the release stated.
According to the release, roughly 2.5 million plastic bottles and eating utensils end up in United States landfills every hour, a figure that continues to rise with the increase of the bagged lunch phenomenon.
Cynthia Schultz, chief executive officer (CEO) of Sustainable Tools LLC, has some very simple suggestions that can make a big difference, including: Using a reusable lunch carrier; using reusable containers and avoid all use of plastic, plastic wrap, foil or Styrofoam; using a thermos for drinks rather than cans or bottles; and bringing in a washable cloth napkin and silverware, as it makes lunch more elegant as well as greener, the release noted.
Schultz also encourages consumers to avoid letting any part of their lunch go to waste, including apple cores, banana and orange peels, and cherry and peach pits, the release added.
Schultz said: "When food debris is deposited in landfills, it can take years to disintegrate. Instead of disposing of it, turn it into mulch for either the home or office."
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