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Stop that spill!

September 19, 2010

A major issue with commercial carpet is recurring spill stains. Here''s a simple four step process you can use that will allow you to say good-bye to recurring spill stains for good.

This process utilizes the encapsulating properties of the detergent to crystallize the sugar residue of the drink spot — just imagine being able to completely correct your customer''s recurring drink spills!

Four steps to spill stain cleaning and prevention

1. When approaching a spill stain, isolate the stain and thoroughly scrub the carpet surrounding the stain with the encapsulation detergent, leaving the stain untouched.

2. Next, aggressively scrub dry passes over the spot. Criss-cross the scrubber back and forth over the stain and continue to scrub continuously for a full minute or two.

We don''t want to get the area wet with any additional detergent. This way, the spot is being aggressively cleaned with minimal moisture.

This is not a totally dry scrub; moisture is captured from the surrounding area and is drawn across the spot as the scrubber criss-crosses back and forth over the stain. However, the moisture is being kept to an absolute minimum.

By scrubbing for a full minute or two, the spill stain is receiving an extremely thorough scrubbing.

3. Prepare a spray bottle of a good crystallizing encapsulation detergent and mix the spray bottle 50/50 with water and detergent. This is an exceptionally effective spill stain remedy.

After scrubbing the spot thoroughly as described above, spray the spot with a few squirts of the encapsulation stain mixture.

4. The final step is to make one final quick dry pass over the treated spot with the scrubber to work the concentrated encapsulator down into the fiber. Now the spot won''t return!

Rick Gelinas heads up a group of companies identified as the Carpet Care Group, St. Petersburg, FL.