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STOKO Skin Care celebrates 20<sup>th</sup> anniversary

July 8, 2009
GREENSBORO, NCSTOKO® Skin Care is celebrating its 20th anniversary of producing quality skin cleansers in the United States, according to a press release.
The skin care product line started conducting business in North America in 1982 with three employees; however, products were imported from manufacturing facilities in Germany at that time, the release stated.
According to the release, it was not until late 1988 that the first production line was installed in North Carolina.
With STOKO’s history of product innovation and a passionate dedication to being the premiere skin care specialist, the next 20 years promise to be very exciting, the release noted.
Dr. Reinhold Brand, president of Evonik Stockhausen Inc., said: "This is a significant milestone for STOKO. Manufacturing products domestically helps strengthen the economy and shows our customers that STOKO Skin Care is a long-term player in the hand cleaner market."
From humble beginnings two decades ago with a trio of skin care pioneers, STOKO Skin Care has grown dramatically to include facilities involved in production, warehousing and distribution, customer service and marketing, the release added.
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